ACIS Fitness Challenge - Spring 09

ACIS Fitness

The ACIS Fitness Challenge provides students the opportunity to participate in basic fitness assessment events throughout the semester to help track their individual physical fitness progress.

The Fitness Challenge consists of standardized assessments of strength, endurance, and speed/agility.

ACIS Fitness Challenge:
  • Men's and Women's Divisions
  • Compete with a partner in  teams of 2 for an overall high score
  • Scores are awarded based on performance in the events/assessments
      • Strength, Endurance, & Speed/Agility
  • Events/Assessments: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Agility Shuttle Run, Standing Board Jump, Flexibility Test (Sit and Reach), Fit Obstacle Course
  • Top Scores in both men's and women's  divisions will determine the  "ACIS Fitness Challenge Campus Champs"
Check out the video below from past ACIS Fitness Campus Challenges!


ACIS conducted a random drawing, consisting of all ACIS Fitness Challenge Schools, and 4 lucky schools were selected to send their campus champs to the ACIS Fitness Nationals for FREE! 

  • Trip Included:  Airfare, 3 nights hotel, 3 meals, and local transportation.

Click 2009 ACIS Fitness National Championships for results.

ACIS Fitness Nationals - Tug-of-War
ACIS Fitness Nationals - Soccer Skills
ACIS Fitness Nationals - Rings