2010 ACIS Fitness National Championships
ACIS Fitness  Nationals

Congratulations to all fitness athletes that competed in the 2010 ACIS Fitness National Championships hosted by the U.S. Air Force Academy, April 24th, 2010. The ACIS Fitness National Championships offer students a great event where they will experience fun competition and camaraderie all while competing against the top collegiate Male & Female Fitness Campus Champions from around the nation. Check out the team standings below from this years National Tournament! Make sure to check out the ACIS - Facebook Fan Page as well for additional photos, stories, and more!!

 The 2010 ACIS Fitness National Championships Highlight Show premiered June 25th, 2010 on Fox College Sports! 

2010 ACIS Fitness National  Champion

United States Air Force Academy - B
*Event Champions - Tug O' War

2010 ACIS Fitness  National Champions - USAFA
2010 ACIS Fitness  National Champions - USAFA
Daniel Hill, Brennan Gallagher, Caitlin Glitz, Carlee Koutnik

2nd Place
Baylor University

3rd Place
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

2010 ACIS Fitness  Nationals: Baylor University

Alexa Farris, Caroline Cobb
Kyle McGallion, Kevin Kuhn

*Event Champions: Nike Swoosh Challenge

2010 ACIS Fitness  Nationals: UW-LAX

Kelsey Marie Mezera, Jonathan D. Komp
Andrew Papendieck, Amanda Johnson


PlaceSchoolTeam Members
US Air Force Academy - A
*Event Champions - Triathlon
Danielle Snider, Moises Rendon
David Heitstuman, Alexandra Trobe
East Tennessee State University Jennifer Altimier, Megan Masch
James Range, Philip Burgess
Northeastern University
David Cimio, Blake Sama
Kaylee Marino, Kimberly Marino
University of Northern Colorado Tom Ketter, Kendra Knight
Paige Gilles, Jonathan Dimarco
Central Connecticut State University
Andrew Steinway, Jeffery Labonte
Jennifer Axon, Stephanie Sawid
University of Central Arkansas
Kari Seredio, Brandon Klar
Harold Crow, Cassandra Howard
University of Oregon
Hayley Britt, Matthew Crocker
Carol Harlor, Dane Okamura
Metro State College of Denver
Michael White, Victor Kios
Melissa McKinley, Jamie Rando
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Rachel Clark, Caitlin Koller
Kyle Mertz, Nicholas Holst
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 2010 ACIS Fitness Nationals - AWARDS

Nissin Chow Mein
Male MVP

2010 ACIS Fitness  National Championships: Nissin Male MVP

Daniel Hill

Nissin Chow Mein
Female MVP

2010 ACIS Fitness  National Championships: Nissin Female MVP

Caroline Cobb
Baylor University

Individual Spirit

2010 ACIS Fitness  National Championships: Spirit Award

Harold "Goggles" Crow
Univ. of Central Arkansas

Team Sportsmanship

2010 ACIS Fitness  National Championships: Team Sportsmanship

University of
Central Arkansas

ACIS Fitness National Championships
  • Location:  U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Date: April 24, 2010
  • Team Mini-Triathlon
      • Swimming - U.S. Olympic Training Center Pool
      • Bike
      • Run
  • Tug O' War
  • Nike Swoosh Challenge - Giant Obstacle Course
Teams of 4 (2 men & 2 women per team)
  • Up to 12 schools represented from around the nation
  • Men's and Women's Fitness Challenge Campus Champs combine to form a team of 4 to represent their school
2010 ACIS Fitness  National Championship Teams

ACIS Fitness